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24 - We Find No Refuge


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(From the Tapestry): “October 30, 1942. After dark, we went to the house of our former neighbor, Zebina. As her daughters, our friends, watched, she told us we had to leave because the Gestapo were looking for Jews. In the darkest night, we headed for the woods but stumbled into a pile of debris where we spent the night.”

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1994.

36″W x 44″H.

Transcript of Narration

"Once it was dark, Esther and Mania went to Mniszek to see if they could learn anything about their family. They went to the house of their next door neighbor Zebina, whose daughters stood in the window. Instead of offering them shelter, Zebina ordered Esther and Mania to leave and never come back.


"But of course Esther and Mania had no place to go. On this moonless, starless night, they held on to each other as they made their way to the fields behind Zebina’s house. There, they crawled into a pile of sticks and straw, shivering with cold. You can see their two small faces peering out of their makeshift shelter. The only light in the picture is in Zebina’s house, an impression created by the orange fabric behind Zebina. All else is dark.'"

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