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Community Engagement

Esther’s art and story has the power to reveal and heal, serving as a catalyst for community engagement, deep conversation, and building bridges around social justice issues that are playing out in our communities today. 


Bring Esther’s legacy of art and story to your community. Esther’s daughters may be available for in-person presentations at any of these events as well as available for online virtual programming.

Host an Images Exhibit

Fabric of Survival: Images of the Art of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz is a traveling exhibit of high-quality, near full-size photographic images that capture the vivid color and three-dimensional quality and texture of the original fabric works.

It is designed for small museums, schools, Community Centers, places of worship and other community venues.

For more information please contact us

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Screening the 30 minute award-winning documentary, Through the Eye of the Needle, allows your community to hear directly from Esther her story of survival during the Holocaust to creating her unique artworks.

Screenings can be followed by a Q&A with Esther's daughters and family. 

Host a Film Screening
Story Cloth Workshops

Esther’s response to the profound loss of her home and family was to stitch her story. Story cloths have, and continue to be used as a way to speak of difficult or painful experiences. The act of creating these story cloths can serve to heal, giving voice to people who have yet to tell their own stories. Even more, sharing these story cloths with others can help to find the common humanity that can bridge divides within and among communities.

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Community conversations can provide a pathway to greater understanding of the lives of its members as well as the forces that affect the quality of life within communities.


These conversations can take the form of small-group discussions as well as panel discussions with members of the community who can share unique perspectives.

Community Conversations
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