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35 - My Husband, Max Krinitz


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(From the Tapestry): “This is my husband, Max Krinitz, as he was in 1949, just before we left Belgium for America. Max was born on January 30, 1915 and died on October 6, 1998.”

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1999.

22-5/8″W x 23-1/16″H.

Transcript of Narration

"After my father died in 1998, my mother cut up all his old ties to create this patchwork background for his portrait, which she based on his passport picture when we came to the US. She made three of these pictures, one for me, one for my sister Helene, and the third for my father’s sister Donia, who was then living in Israel.


"All during the years that Esther created her art, I was a regular witness. My family and I would have dinner with my parents every Sunday, when she would show me what she was working on and tell me about what she was planning next. But Esther never said that she was working on these memorial pictures of my father—they came as a complete surprise when she showed me the first. But she had created memorials to all the other people she loved, and she wanted to do the same for Max."

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