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36 - Granddaughter

(From the Tapestry): “The summer you were 3 years old, dear Mami Sheine, Grandma came to visit you. We went to a park where you discovered a huge tree. I never forgot the expression on your face as you stood there admiring the tree. Grandma loves you so much.”

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1999.

22-1/8″W x 25-1/8″H.

Narration by Esther's granddaughter, Rachel Peric

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Transcript of Narration

This is Rachel, Esther Krinitz’s granddaughter. In this image my grandmother recalls a moment we shared outside my home in Maryland. This image was to be part of a series of portraits of her grandchildren. Sadly, she was unable to finish them before her death in 2001. My grandmother shows me looking in amazement at a huge oak tree. I always looked at her in the very same way, with a profound sense of awe and adoration. This picture is a bookend to my grandmother’s story, which begins and ends with her family and her enduring love for us.

In 2003, my family founded Art and Remembrance, a non-profit organization. Please visit us on the Web to learn more about how we are using the power of stories and artwork like my grandmother’s to change hearts and minds.

​Transcript prepared by the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science Docent Association.