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18- We Will All Perish

(From Tapestry) "October 15, 1942. We left our house for good and walked down to the road. Mottel sat in the front wagon holding the Torah. My parents went to join him while my brother helped my little sisters settle into the rear wagon with my aunt Trushel, her sister Golda, my uncle Ruven, and my five little cousins. Suddenly Mottel’s daughter-in-law stood up and cried to my mother, ‘Rachel, we will never come back! We will all perish!’ Everyone began to cry. Mania and I followed quickly behind the woman who was to take us to Dombrowa and the house of Stefan, my father’s friend. The wagons left for the Krasnik station, and we never saw our family again."

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1998.

44-11/16″W x 44-5/8″H.