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Stories from the Classroom

Esther's art has many entry points for students to understand the Holocaust and its implications for the times we live in today. Teachers have utilized Esther's art together with our lesson plans to discuss subjects such as 'othering', xenophobia, heroes, art, human rights, genocide, war, storytelling, upstanders, bystanders and the importance of history.

Extremely helpful on ALL levels for teaching, learning, art & cultural education!!!

Educator, at Jewish Museum Maryland Summer Teachers Institute 

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The Hero Project was a two-part fine art and language arts project undertaken in 2009 by 5th Grade students at Hunter College Elementary School in conjunction with Art and Remembrance. The students wrote and illustrated a story about a family member who had displayed hero qualities as defined by conversations that had had in class after the A&R presentation.These units combined to create an interdisciplinary dialog where the arts of written narrative and visual illustration informed each other in the description of real people and events. The result is a wonderful refection of life across the broad spectrum of the classroom and the various family relationships they represented.

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The Hero Project
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