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15 - I Am Struck By A Soldier


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(From the Tapestry): “September 1942. I went back to the house to get clothes for my family when a soldier appeared and struck me with his rifle for not raising my hands quickly.”

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1992.

24″W x 22″H.

Transcript of Narration

"While Esther and her family stood outside shivering in the cold, Rachel pleaded with the soldiers to let Esther return to the house to collect some clothes. A soldier came with her, yelling at her to hurry up. Esther was so shocked and confused that all she could find were socks. When she seemed to be taking too long, he struck her in the mouth with his gun. So Esther went back to the road with a bloody mouth and an armful of socks.


"You may note that this picture has little of the detailed stitching we’ve seen earlier. Esther was then suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and found it painful to do much embroidery, so this picture is very spare--in strong contrast to the next picture."

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