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04 - Shavuot


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(From the tapestry): “Shavuot 1938. My brothers and sisters followed as I walked on stilts to our grandparents’ house. Esther, Mania, Chana, Leah, Rubin."

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1994.
19-5/8″W x 22-11/16″H.

Transcript of Narration

My mother’s favorite childhood memories were of the Jewish holidays. Here she shows her brother and sisters walking to their grandparent’s house on Shavuot in 1938. My mother is leading the way on a pair of stilts which her brother, Ruven, had made for her. She used to say that her brother was the toy maker and she was the toy tester.


This picture seems to be bursting with color and stitching. My mother loved the image of the wheat growing in the field, so much so that she continued the motif onto the blue border, the only picture in which she added stitching in the border. Apart from its beauty, I’ve always been struck with how my mother remembered herself in this picture, standing head and shoulders above her brother and sisters, and leading the way. This was Esther.

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