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20 - Road To Krasnik


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(From Tapestry): “October 15, 1942. After being abandoned by a neighbor whom my mother had paid to take us to Dombrowa, Mania and I met our cousin Dina, on her way to Krasnik with her baby and the other Rachow Jews. As the road began to curve around the mountain, I realized how close we were to Krasnik and I was suddenly terrified. I pleaded with Mania to come with me to Stefan. She finally agreed after Dina told her, ‘Go Mania, go with Esther.'"

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1994.

28-7/16″W x 32-5/16″H.

Transcript of Narration

"Esther and Mania joined the procession, walking with their cousin Dina. Mania was so happy to find Dina, hoping that she would join up with their parents as well, but when Esther realized that they were getting closer to the train station, she balked—she just couldn’t bear to continue. She started pulling Mania off the road, intending to make their way to Stefan’s house, but Mania resisted. It wasn’t until Dina told her, 'Go with Esther,' that Mania finally relented, just as she had when earlier, her mother told her to go with Esther when she all she wanted to do was to stay with the family. I’ve always said that Mania survived because she listened, and Esther survived because she didn’t."

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