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11 - The Nazis Beat Up My Father


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(From the tapestry): "April 1941. As my father was praying on Erev Pesach, two Nazis showed up and began to beat him. They pulled him outside and got ready to shoot him. My mother yelled to me and my brother to get the Nazi commander to stop them. The commander wasn’t there but his aide called them off." 

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1993.

38″W x 43 “H.

Transcript of Narration

"As Esther helped her mother prepare for the first seder of Passover and her father was outside praying, two Nazi soldiers came to their front yard and started beating him and threatening to shoot him. After Esther and her brother, Ruven, ran to tell the commandant’s aide, he called off the two soldiers.


But the soldiers were not done. As they were leaving, they pulled the tablecloth off the table, spilling the family’s food on to the floor and breaking all the precious dishes. Even worse, they discovered the family goose that had been hidden under the table—she was the last one left, sitting on eggs soon to hatch. The soldiers of course took her away with them. So then Esther’s family had nothing for their meal—no dishes, no food, and no goose."

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