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01- My Childhood Home

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“My childhood home in the village of Mniszek, near the city of Rachow (today Annapol), Poland. I am carrying water up the hill to our house; my sister, Mania, waits for me. My brother Ruven is standing with the wagon. My father and my sister, Chana, are in front of the house, along with my mother, who holds my youngest sister, Leah.”

Embroidery on linen, 1977.
49″W x 42″H.

Transcript of Narration

My mother was born in 1927, in a little village in central Poland called Mniszek, near the town of Rachow, today known by its Polish name of Annapol. This is how her house appeared in 1937 when she was a 10-year old girl carrying water up the hill from the river. Her younger sister Mania stands at the top of the hill. Her older brother Ruven is standing by the horse and wagon. Her parents Hersh and Rachel are in front of the house with their two youngest daughters, Chana and Lea. Esther would say that everyone was so happy then. 

My mother was very pleased with the way the picture turned out—she felt it had captured what was in her mind’s eye. When she was finished, she gave the picture to me, and then went on to create a second picture for my sister Helene. 

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