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Esther for Educators Mini Grants

The Esther for Educators Mini-grant program stems from the legacy, story and artwork of Esther Nisenthal Krinitz and was created in memory of progressive educator, community leader and social justice activist Ronni Denes, a founding member of Art and Remembrance’s Board. At a time of rising hate crimes, bullying and fear of the “other,” the fund is intended to help support educators in using Art and Remembrance’s educational resources to share lessons about the Holocaust and apply them to present-day social justice issues. Countering these disturbing trends by equipping educators with new resources to reach young people—using the power of art and personal narrative–could not be more urgent.


Currently applications for this grant are by invitation only. Please contact us for more information.

Please indicate in the “Write a Note (Optional)” box on your donation that it is for the Ronni Denes Education Fund

Ronni Denes photo.jpg

Ronni Denes met Esther when she was 12 years old. With her best friend, Esther’s daughter Bernice, she spent many moments in Esther’s kitchen eating Esther’s chocolate cookies, her favorites. Ronni began her career as a classroom teacher and spent the rest of her professional life working to provide educational opportunities for young people, particularly those underserved.

As a Board member, Ronni contributed her considerable expertise in the non-profit and education sectors to support our strategic planning and governance. But most of all, she brought her love of Esther to the heart of our organization.

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