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33 - Coming To America


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(From the Tapestry): “Coming to America, June 10, 1949. We arrived in New York. Max’s cousin Clara came aboard the ship to greet us. As our daughter Brasia slept in her father’s arms, Clara said to her, ‘My dear child, this will be your America!'”

Embroidery and fabric collage, 1996.

23-3/4″W x 23-5/8″H.

Transcript of Narration

"When the war in Europe ended, Esther went back to Poland to get Mania and from there, they went to a DP, or Displaced Persons camp in Germany. There, my mother met and married my father, Max Krinitz, also a Polish survivor. While waiting for a visa to immigrate to the US, Max left to find work in Belgium. That’s where I was born.


"We arrived in the United States in 1949, sailing into New York harbor. My father’s cousin Clara came to meet us. As I slept on my father’s shoulder, she said, 'My dear child, this will be your America.'


"The image of the Statue of Liberty underscores the message of welcoming and freedom that my parents experienced when they arrived in the US. Esther knew then she would never again be persecuted for being Jewish."

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