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New! Creating Art, Creating Change: Art as a Tool for Social Justice. View video of our program at AVAM on 10/12


A story of survival. A legacy of inspiration.

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Esther Nisenthal Krinitz was 15 in 1942 when Nazis ordered the Jews of her Polish village to report to a nearby train station.

She chose to flee with her 13-year-old sister, never to see the rest of her family again.

Decades later, determined to show her daughters the family she had lost, Esther created a series of 36 exquisite works of fabric collage and embroidery—a legacy of love, grief and the sheer force of memory.

Our Mission

Inspired by the art and story of Holocaust survivor Esther Nisenthal Krinitz, Art and Remembrance uses art and personal narrative to recognize individual courage and resilience, and to foster understanding 

and compassion for those who experience injustice.


Fabric of Survival Gallery

View all 36 of Esther’s works along with the captions she stitched. The gallery includes a narrated video tour of each tapestry by Esther's daughter, Bernice Steinhardt.



Esther’s art and story has the power to reveal and heal, serving as a catalyst for communities to engage in deep conversation and build bridges around present-day social justice issues.


Bring Esther’s legacy to your community through film, exhibits, workshops, and conversations.



Through lesson plans designed for middle and high school students, Esther’s art and story are linked to contemporary social justice issues.


Nurturing empathy and courage, these lessons bring the Holocaust to life in a markedly different way than the black-and-white photos more typical of the period.

Watch as Esther’s own words and images of her art work come alive in this award-winning 30-minute film that explores the capacity of the human heart to heal. Interviews with her daughters and others add texture and understanding to Esther’s journey and message.


Take a tour of Esther's complete fabric artworks.

Narrated by her daughter Bernice Steinhardt, these videos explore each autobiographical piece in intricate detail.

Video Tour

Esther and the Dream of One Loving Human Family is currently on exhibit through December 2030 in a beautiful newly designed installation at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore. 


Purchase your copy of the beautiful picture book, Memories of Survival. A beautiful gift for both children and adults, it is also an educational resource for teachers exploring the Holocaust and themes of social justice and tolerance.


Esther Krinitz has literally woven the most shameful chapter in human history into a fabric of art that is at once both beautiful and shocking. It is so important that these works can be shown to the public.

The Honorable Przemyslaw Grudzinski, Former Ambassador, the Republic of Poland


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